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Fantastic futurists, thinkers, experts, designers and strategists who look beyond year 2020

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Strategic professionals and thinkers

Great Minds I met inDavos (89 Members)

Every year in January in Davos, great minds meet to improve the state of the world.

Best of Switzerland tech (107 Members)

A vibrant community of entrepreneurs and thinkers in Switzerland

Competitive Intelligence (296 Members)

Analysts, managers and experts in business, competitive and strategic intelligence

Governance (789 Members)

Experts who talk about corporate governance, role of boards, and how to best lead a company

Veille et Vigie (226 Members)

Les experts et professionnels en veille, la vigie, et intelligence economique (en entreprise)

CEOs (226 Members)

CEOs and chairmen who tweet

IMD Business School (69 Members)

IMD staff, professors and guest lecturers

Privacy (41 Members)
Brain Science (57 Members)
Chief Digital Officer (66 Members)

List of Chief Digital Officers and heads of Digital #CMO

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LEGO (17 Members)
Analytics (14 Members)

Sources of inspiration for analytical companies

Blockchain and bitcoin (96 Members)

Mostly on #blockchain, #crypto, #fintech , therefore also #BTC #Bitcoin

Family Business (31 Members)
AI in Montreal (169 Members)
Silver economy (42 Members)